Customised and Bespoke Solutions


In addition to our standard product ranges, Techna R&D provides complete electronic design and manufacture of a wide range of electronics and power control systems for our OEM customers. We cover a large spectrum of system and circuit designs including custom power controllers, sensitive/precision analogue circuits, low voltage power distribution systems, embedded devices and smart protective devices. We develop electronic systems according to customer requirements and we provide expertise in support of existing designs. We have a multi-disciplinary team with wide experience in the incorporation of electronics within mechanical designs, including programming of custom software.

Our approach is straightforward and most effective in producing high-quality products. Techna has a team of experienced engineers who can transform your ideas into a proof of concept and prototype before manufacturing. With Techna R&D, we will start with in-depth feasibility studies ensuring the product can be realised with current state of the art technologies.

cad-design.jpg pcb-checking.jpg


Our design team will put your  requirements into advanced simulation tools to acquire the most optimised solution, consequently providing multiple design ideas. The design can then be put into practice with PCB design tools and mechanical 3D CAD modelling to allow for a functional rapid prototype.

The prototype is used as a fully functional initial benchmark which can be evaluated for performance within our engineering laboratories. These results provide feedback to the design stage for finalisation. The final prototype will be produced utilising the components and mechanical parts of the intended final production unit. After approval and mass production all manufactured circuits/devices will be tested and validated using calibrated test equipment to ensure 100% of products meet the desired specification. 

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By choosing Techna you will benefit from electronic design solutions, development and manufacturing and our wide-ranging expertise:

  • Circuit Simulation and Design
  • Analogue and Digital Circuits
  • Control Software Development
  • LV Power Distribution Solid State / Mechanical Switching Devices
  • Embedded Systems with Microcontrollers
  • AC / DC Converter Circuits
  • Buck / Boost Circuits
  • Prototyping and Design for Manufacture
  • Rapid Prototyping Facilities On Site
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Testing
  • Performance and Efficiency Validation
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