Linear Drive Systems

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We offer a wide range of Linear Drive Systems which can be used as a solution within many industries. Including Rolling Ring Drives & Assemblies, Linear Drive Nuts, Linear Drive Timing Belts, Guiding Systems, Flange Detecting System & Automated Winding Systems.

The Rolling Ring Drives KI, RGK, RG & and associated assemblies, are members of the Uhing traverse family of drives. They operate as mechanical friction drives which convert the constant rotation of a plain shaft in a single direction into two-way reciprocating motion.

Linear Drive Nuts

Linear Drive Nuts type RS come with features and areas of applications as flexible as those of the rolling ring drive. They can be operated even in dirty areas and can fully meet the high requirements of the food industries. Unlike the RG style traverse, the RS nut does not include a self-reversing mechanism, instead being reversed by changing the spin direction of the drive shaft. The drive shaft however remains a plain shaft (no ball screw) using the rolling ring friction mechanism.

Timing Belt Linear Drives

Timing Belt Linear Drives AZ range are based on rigid aluminium sections that are resistant to torsion. Several T-slots integrated in the carrier sections allow variable application and facilitate fitting. Slide blocks can be easily inserted. Power is transmitted from the timing belt to the load carriage via the belt joint mounted on the load carriage.

The Uhing Motion Drive System

The Uhing Motion Drive system is based on an Uhing rolling ring drive extended by sensors and an electronic control unit. The control unit software engineered by Uhing ensures that both components - control unit and rolling ring drive - perfectly match each other.

A GS guide system can be added to the standard RG models to transmit the traversing movement of the Uhing traverse unit to a guide roller that carries the material to be wound. Additional modules allow the system to be universally matched to the winding task.


Flange Detection System

Also available is and flange detection system which provides an advanced cable, wire and strip winding solution with automatic spool flange detection (i.e. the system automatically detects the spool flange and initiates reversal at this point). This enables winding applications to cope with variations in spool flanges due to prior damage or deformation as spool fills up.

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