Gesadur Machine Underrollers

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Gesadur Machine Underrollers are ideal for supporting large rotating machines. The Gesadur material is practically incompressible and even if left standing under pressure will return to perfectly round form after a couple of rotations. Gesadur is often supplied as pre-machined blanks with a universal oversize for final finishing at your own site. However, complete underrollers with fitted steel hub can be manufactured if required.

- Trunnion or supporting rollers for cable and wire stranding machines, pressure rollers for spinning machines, insulating flanges for annealers, forming surfaces for metal spinning machines.

- High impact strength leading to a longer service life.
- Dampening of vibrations/oscillations conserves machine bearings.
- Increase speed, increases output.
- Smooth running surfaces without deposits means rotation without vibration/oscillation.
- Resistant to oil and grease with good electrical insulation characteristics with low water absorption.
- Memory: Even after an extended period of machine stoppage the flattening of the underroller is removed after a few rotations.
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