Earth Terminal for 6mm² wire

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Earth Terminal for 6mm² wire
Mountable on DIN 35 and DIN 35-15 rails
Earth Grounding Screw Clamp Terminals provide very low earth bonding resistance. The terminals have marking recesses provided for identification with marking tags.

TtecCGT Grounding Terminal Blocks can be mounted along with other terminal blocks on the same rail. This eliminates the need for a separate Din Rail.

Special features of Ttec CGT Terminals are:

• Green / Yellow Earth Indication Colour
• Versatile tin-plated foot in brass for grounding achieves very low bonding resistance.
• Vibration proof grounding can easily be achieved by operating the central screw.
• High torque clamping yokes will easily accept any types of wires.

These terminal blocks comply to EN 500019.

Extra Information

Terminal Type:
Screw Clamp
Wire Size (mm²):
0.2 - 6.0mm²
Number of Connections:
Number of Levels:
Wire Size (AWG):
22 - 8 AWG
Downloadable pdf datasheets:
Terminal Colour:
Downloadable CAD models: