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New Machinery Catalogue

Bringing together a wealth of diverse products and information, Techna's new Machinery Catalogue consolidates details of our most popular machinery lines into one place.

Alongside our range of electrical products, we supply a wide range of high quality machinery parts and systems. Covering a selection of industries, applications and technologies our offerings include;


•  Linear drive systems

•  Wire, cable and rope straightening, transportation and processing equipment

•  Flyers, payoffs, winders and spoolers, including automated winding systems

•  Hysteresis and electromagnetic couplings, brakes, clutches and tension control devices

•  Advanced hysteresis magnet bottle capping heads

•  Pulleys, guides and wire drawing machinery components

•  Spool clamping and retaining systems

•  Machine underrollers


Our new catalogue brings some of the most popular of these products into one handy reference point, with a large amount of technical and reference information to help in specifying parts and products.

Whether an existing customer or a prospective buyer we would be happy to send you a copy. Contact us for your copy today.

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