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Customisable, Modern Enclosures for Flexible Solutions

Techna are proud to be able to offer the very latest in modular DIN rail enclosure systems to meet the demands of today’s manufacturer.



Dold’s KS4400 series enclosures are an ideal platform for modern electronics, combining versatility, customisation, appealing aesthetics and an exceptional level of functionality. Available in widths from 12.5 to 90mm, with a host of options including Dold’s “In-Rail-Bus” data and power connectivity solution, they offer an unrivalled PCB footprint and provide simple manual or automated assembly.

Spacious front faces allow custom control and signal placement, with high resolution printing to customer specifications available in monochrome or full colour. A diverse range of terminal options are offered, with up to 30 terminals possible per 22.5mm housing. Individual parts may be moulded in customer defined colours to complete the up-to-date appearance.

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