Rotary Cam Switches

Rotary Cam Switches
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Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches

• Large range of Rotary Cam Switches
• Current Ratings of 16 - 125A
• Various switch configurations (Isolator, Changeover, Step-switch etc.)
• Available with Plastic or Metal Enclosures


Rotary Cam Switches and Disconnect Switches from Techna are reliable and used throughout the world. All switches are switch-disconnectors in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3 (DIN VDE 0660 Teil 107) and allow safe switching and disconnection. Our switches are Certificated to UL 508 and CSA 22.2 and as a result are accepted to be used worldwide. Even more certifications are available on request.

Switches are available depending on their use in a multiplicity of open or encapsulated series. Products from our switchgear range are used in a wide array of panels, machinery and electrical equipments of all kinds. The cam switches can be supplied as On-Off, Main, Changeover, Motor Starter, Control, Step, Reversing, Volt and Ammeter, Code, Heating Group or Lighting Switches, as well as a special switch for universal switching duties.

Our ML Switch-Disconnectors are manually operated switches with a switching angle of 90° and a fixed OFF and ON position. Applications include use as Main/Emergency Off, Service, Repair or as Safety Switches. Auxiliary contacts for control functions are also available.

We also offer a complete range of accessories, including Cable Glands, Sealing Screws and Nuts for Plastic and Aluminium Enclosures.


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